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AMD RX6600XT.. Should you buy it?

AMD is calling the 6600 XT “The ultimate 1080p gaming experience“ coming in at $379 USD MSRP (Est. $475 CAD). This card is meant for people not looking to upgrade to 1440p+ in the near future or do light gaming. If you’re a heavy gamer the 6600 XT is not for you. AMD Fans will be quite happy as the RX 6600 XT is comfortably quicker then the RTX 3060 with RDNA 2 architecture.

At a MSRP of $379 USD should you buy this card? If you need a card and mostly play games at 1080p go for it. I have a feeling this card will be in stock more often just like the RTX 3060 is. It’s a lower end card, yes miners might still be after it as latest leaks suggest a 30-35MH/s for the 6600XT on ETH.

Main con I see buying the RX 6600 XT is the RTX 3060 Ti Is only $20 more comparing MSRP. 3060 Ti would be a decent increase in performance but during shortages you can’t really compare MSRP.

My overall thoughts are to pick one up if you can, especially if you’ve been waiting for awhile for a GPU.

Full Radeon RX 6600 XT Specs:

GPU: Navi 23

Lithography: TSMC 7nm

Transistors: 11.1B

Stream Processors: 2,048

CUs: 32

Ray Accelerators: 32

GPU Game Clock (MHz): 2,359

Memory bus: 128-bit

Memory capacity: 8GB GDDR6

Memory speed: 16Gbps

Memory bandwidth: 256GB/s

TBP: 160W

Recommended power supply: 500W

Price: $379

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